NEW Partnerships bring expanded marketing to AgentDealer

by Edward Barfield, on 5/20/21 7:10 AM

BTo help our customers better manage their branding and message to attract Buyer 2.0, we have partnered with several companies to offer stronger marketing tools to meet today's modern dealer needs.



Office Technology Dealers require the steps necessary to create a marketing strategy to drive their growth strategies.  Using proven, proprietary methodologies, Pontrelli Marketing will guide each dealer through a process that includes identifying their growth initiatives, collecting and analyzing customer data, optimizing their Customer Relationship Management platform, developing brand positioning, and recommending marketing/sales tactics that will drive growth and profitability.  This process will result in targeted marketing campaigns which will generate demand in market segments that will yield the highest probability of success.


EvolvedOffice helps office technology providers grow their business. Unlike other marketing agencies, they specifically cater to the office technology industry. Their team comprises industry experts who specialize in Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Custom Content generation.

Powerful email marketing and automation. Turn customers into loyal fans with personalized email campaigns and automated customer journeys. Easy-to-use tools to help drive real, bottom line, business results. Integrates directly into your AgentDealer CRM for list management, automated campaigns, market segmentation, and a whole lot more.

"Dealers must engage Buyer 2.0 head-on with advanced strategies, proven marketing practices, and communication tools to get their message, their image in front of the people who need their products most."




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