Google’s New Responsive Search Ads

by Roger Jung, on 5/20/21 3:15 PM

Headlines are an essential component to every Google expanded text ad. In Google’s search results, headlines are the main attraction for these ads. Google is continually updating its ads services. From dynamic search ads to automated ad suggestions, these changes push for advertisers to conduct various A/B tests. The newest addition is an add-on feature to the headlines of search ads. How does this new feature affect your ad strategy?

What Are Responsive Search Ads?

Responsive search ads allow Google to show a variety of different combinations of ad headlines and descriptions. This allows you to see the most optimal headlines and descriptions for your ad campaign. Although these ads appear in the same locations as expanded text ads, responsive text ads can include up to three headlines. Responsive search ad headline character limits remain the same: 30 characters. Descriptions have been adjusted to slightly longer with 90 characters. Responsive search ads are part of Google’s machine learning initiative to do the optimization work.

Why Three Headlines?


Headlines are an excellent way to garner the attention of web browsers. Using different word combinations, call to action, and descriptions, the number of combinations is endless. Making headlines distinct from each other allows you to pinpoint the most optimal ad combinations to increase overall conversions and accomplished goals. Three headlines could equal three keywords or three different ways to write the same keyword. Google’s automated ads system increases the ingenuity required to ensure that the ads hit the mark. With three headlines, pinpointing the best keywords and descriptions may take longer, but in the long run, your campaigns will have the best chance of converting.

After months of testing, Google’s responsive search ads started in beta and have become a new staple in Google Ads. While machine learning has its advantages, a combination of a knowledgeable Google Ads specialist and automation is the key to success.

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