Territory Management

Territory Management

Keeping everything inline - all the time!

Our Territory Manager helps you set up territories and automatically maintains them as new records are added to your database. Companies can set up territories using many different criteria. Most common territories are set up by zip codes, county, or city, but you are not limited by these. AgentDealer® can use any field on your records to determine territory assignment.

The Territory Manager is also flexible enough to handle "Named Accounts" for those situations where a salesperson needs to manage a major account across several territories. Named Account are easily assigned by managers. 

Once set up, right-sizing or reassigning territories is easy. Adjust today, and by tomorrow morning, all records, open activities, and open deals are moved to the new person. Old activities and closed or lost deals remain in history owned by the previous owner, so you don't lose any history.

The Territory Manager takes all the work out of creating and maintaining territories.