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Customer Onboarding/Project Success

TaskRay makes onboarding customers fast & efficient with built-in best practices around handoffs from sales to customer onboarding to customer success, powerful insights into onboarding performance & templates to help guide your onboarding projects.

  • First impressions matter, especially when you've just won someone's business. Make customer onboarding projects run smoothly every time by using TaskRay's built-in, cloneable project templates, repeating tasks & automation, and powerful reporting.
  • TaskRay is built 100% on the Salesforce platform, which means all your customer onboarding & project management work can be seamlessly tied to existing Salesforce data like accounts, opportunities, & contacts. It can also be easily reported on!
  • Do you know how quickly new customers get up and running or how you could make the process better? TaskRay delivers critical metrics and insights about onboarding speed & efficiencies so you can improve customer retention and track customer success!