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Configuration-Based Quoting

Today’s modern imaging and technology salesperson has a lot to contend with when putting a quote together. It is not just Imaging Equipment, Service Plans & Leasing, but also Managed IT, Software, VOIP, MPS, or others.

The AgentDealer® QuoteBuilding system allows dealers to consolidate their products and services into a line item-based pricing tool for configuration-based quoting. Dealers can now control the cost to sales more effectively while simultaneously tracking the financials of the deal within the sales forecast & pipeline. Whether it is a Lease, Purchase, or MRR type sale, our QuoteBuilder can provide the mechanism for quoting the deal, exporting to proposals and paperwork, and then reporting on the breakdown of the financials.

When a sale is won, and the deal is signed, direct order submission to eAutomate helps to automate the beginning of the sales admin process. Less manual work means more time for selling, increased productivity, and a more efficient sales process.