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The AgentDealer TCO for MPS tool enables dealers to use customer printer fleet usage data collected during site surveys, or from DCA Audits, for comparative pricing scenarios within MPS opportunities. To do that effectively, dealers must maintain a comprehensive list of legacy and currently available OEM print devices with cost-per-page pricing related to those MPS offerings. This can be very time consuming and cumbersome to maintain manually. In Time Tec automates this process through an integration that automatically maintains and updates this data. This allows dealers to show comparative Current State vs. Proposed State printer fleet MPS Program pricing from within their CRM using the AgentDealer TCO for MPS Tool*.

In Time Tec TCO Printer Integration:

  • A prominent industry provider of MPS Solutions
  • Integration Provides List of OEM Printers into AgentDealer TCO for MPS Tool
  • Updates as new printers become available on the open market
  • Provides Basic Information, including OEM Cost-Per-Page (CPP)
  • Dealer need only provide their own MPS CPP information

*requires the AgentDealer TCO for MPS Tool integration, sold separately

ittLogoFull 3000x750 v1 are an award-winning software development and IT company in the US and India.

In Time Tec's Cartos Suite is a collection of cloud-based Managed Print Service (MPS) applications that help MPS sales teams and consultants discover existing print fleets, design future fleets, analyze Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and easily find and compare groups of devices. This is accomplished through Cartos Suite Fleet Design, TCO, Asset Advisor, and Device Data Service.

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