Grow strategically


See your business from a new perspective.

With AgentDealer® reports & dashboards, you can drill down into your data to find the insight you need to make those strategic decisions that will guide you to success. Reports gather up your information and the dashboard provides a unique perspective for analyzing the results.

To get you startedAgentDealer®  comes with over 100+ reports and several dashboards already designed and ready to use out of the box. Track your pipeline, deal forecasting, and progress with deal reports. Review engagement and communications with activity reports, and drive high user adoption with the User Adoption Dashboard. Designing reports & dashboards are quick and easy - and much fun!

Some popular Reports Types:

  • Deal activity, pipeline status, sales stages, & revenue
  • Activity Reports
  • User Adoption Reports
  • Service Call/Meter read reports (requires integration to back end ERP)
  • Predictive Reports (based on past performance - predicts outcome)
  • Matrix reports for evaluating and summarizing your information
  • Joined reports for comparing data against separate criteria
  • Installation reports
  • Equipment Lease tracking
  • And a lot more