Today’s modern technology dealer sells more than copiers. Managed IT services have quickly become a core offering. Like with equipment records and their associated eAutomate data, salespeople need a complete view of their Managed IT customer’s quotes, projects, activities, and contracts. ConnectWise is quickly becoming the industry standard “ERP” for Managed IT. The ability to bring this data into the CRM further enhances your sales teams’ effectiveness by providing visibility without the additional time associated with collecting data manually from different systems. Leverage the power of the CRM to track and report all your sales in one place!
Benefits of the ConnectWise integration with AgentDealer®
  • View all MIT Customer Contacts, Agreements, Service Tickets, Notes, and Projects
  • Create Reports & Dashboards for MIT data in the CRM
  • Sync ConnectWise opportunities and products for forecast/pipeline management
  • Submit orders directly into eAutomate Quotes or Sales orders for Managed Services Items
  • Single point of management for all Imaging & Managed Services Opportunities!

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