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AgentDealer is not software, but a platform that connects all the parts of your business.

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Accounts & Contacts Management

Task & Activity Tracking

Reports & Dashboards

Deal Management

QuickQuote (NEW)

Shared Calendars

Account Review Scheduler

Asset Tracking

Deal Velocity Analysis

Email Templates

Profiles & Page Layouts

Customizable Sales Process

Duplicate Blocking

LaunchPad (w/Quick-Add)

Territory Management


Lease Expiration Alerts

Account Hierarchy

Auto Doc Generation (NEW)

Workflow Automation

Team Communications

Salesforce Mobile App

Salesforce for Outlook

Google App Integration




 All Basic features +


eAutomate Sync

Account Review Tool (NEW)

RightTrack Activity System

Quote Builder Lite (NEW)

LaunchPad Pro

Content Library

Developer Sandbox

Add'l data storage



All Executive features +

Quote Builder Pro (NEW)

w/ Configuration Rules

New User Training

Best Practice Training


Included in all Editions

All editions of AgentDealer are per-customized with over 60,000 hours (and growing) of development specifically for the office technology industry.


We know that not all dealerships are the same, so we offer AgentDealer as an open platform. This means you can continue to further fine tune AgentDealer to the way you and your team do business. This drives higher user adoption, the single most important key to any successful CRM system.


To insure our customers get the most from their investment, we also include our Premier Admin Support. This is support as a service. We embed ourselves in your system as your systems administrator for the life of the product, freeing up your already stretched IT resources to focus on other critical projects for your company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AgentDealer sync with Outlook?

Of course it does. With the Outlook for Salesforce Side Panel every time you click on an email of a person that is in your AgentDealer their information appears and you can easily archive an email to their record in your AgentDealer. Sync Contacts and Events as well. For the ultimate in data access to we recommend “RIVA”. RIVA syncs AgentDealer to your Microsoft Exchange server giving you access to your information in the native applications of all your computers and mobile devices.

What mobile devices can I use to access the system remotely?

The Salesforce mobile app give you unlimited access your data, the ability to create new records, log your phone calls with notes and create next step actives on the fly. Your mobile office. No more having to be chained to the desk everyday updating your information - do everything from your mobile device. Salesforce1 is available for your favorite iOS, or Android device.

What training is included?

All our new customers get 4/hrs of on-line launch training. This intense training covers all the basics your team needs to start using AgentDealer right away. But, don’t forget, all editions of AgentDealer come with our Premier Admin Support. We are embedded in your system as your system administrator so we can help you drive user adoption from day one going forward. With our Help Desk support portal we offer loads of self-help articles and videos. Can’t find the answer you are looking for, just submit a Case to engage in a Live Chat with one of our support specialist to get the quick help you need. This is all in addition to the special training classes we offer for new users, new managers and executives. We take support and training seriously.

Is it easy to add or subtract users?

Nothing could be easier. AgentDealer subscriptions are annual access licenses that can be transfered to new users at anytime.  If you need to add a new subscription, just fill out our user on-line form and we will handle the rest. We on-board the new user, adjust territories and move records as needed.

Does AgentDealer interface with other systems?

Yes. Nothing drives user adoption like having your most critical information  synced to your AgentDealer. Now you have access to critical data that will help your team to manage their business like never before. Capture equipment information, leasing expirations, meter reads and invoices in your AgentDealer - all available on your desktop and mobile devices.

Do you offer special pricing based on number of users?

Yes we do. Please call for more information. We also offer special promotions on our custom applications and training sessions throughout  the year.  Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed.

What other payment options do you offer?

You may think that implementing a NEW CRM system for your company is going to be really expensive and require a huge upfront investment on your part. Wrong. We offer several different payment plans to make the initial pain of startup a less painful experience.




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