#1 Key to CRM Success

Nothing drives CRM success like high user adoption. Nothing drives high user adoption like training.

We are so thankful that we decided on AgentDealer. They have streamlined our whole operation and truly changed the way we work. Our user adoption is at 100% thanks to their extensive training.


New User Training

Don't let your new hires get left behind

Give your new employees the kick start training they need to get up and running quickly with AgentDealer. This two hour intense personal training is critical to making sure your new hire gets the most from their CRM starting on day one.

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User Adoption Sessions

See results quickly

Once a week for six weeks our experienced trainers spend an hour with your managers and team digging deeper into the tools of their new system, reinforcing the basics while sharing insight and best practices. Users quickly utilize more of the value tools and get off to a great start using the system correctly.

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New Manager

Using a CRM is one thing - managing another

Six One-On-One sessions designed to provide the New Manager the tools and best practices they will need to manage their sales team using AgentDealer. Focus includes how to analyze reports and dashboards to better understand how their sales team is performing.

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Executive Overview

Fine tune your business

Session includes an in-depth Business Process Review to uncover ways AgentDealer could be used to streamline and increase productivity within your organization. In addition to improving our business processes we also focus on identifying key performance Indicators of your business and ensure you are able to track those using AgentDealer.

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On-site Training

Full day of hands on training

Give your team the hands on training they need to accelerate their learning of this new and dynamic tool in a classroom environment. This extended format allows for more in-depth review of the core basic functions as well as time to explore advanced features.

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